Jeff Putt

DeLine Box & Display Company

Jeff is currently the General Manager at DeLine Box & Display Company in Denver, CO. and has been in the point-of-sale packaging industry for over 35 years. Throughout that time, he has worked in nearly every discipline of promotional packaging including: structural & graphic design, marketing & merchandizing strategies and branding & product development. DeLine Box & Display specializes in Point-of-Purchase displays and packaging, with a special emphasis on high-fidelity graphic packaging used to merchandize its customer’s products through retail, grocery and club-store channels. For more information about DeLine Box & Display, please go to

As President of VMA Products, Jeff worked with inventors and product developers to create successful market and channel strategies for a wide variety of new products.

In his role as Art Director for Packaging Corporation of America, he focused heavily on training in the use effective graphic design for better visual marketing of consumer product packaging and merchandising.

Jeff also served on the board at Habitat for Humanity in Fort Collins, CO