Legal Structure and Registration

There are several issues that you should consider when determining the legal structure of your business. First, to what extent will you be personally at financial and legal risk? Second, who will have the controlling interest in the business? Third, how will the business be financed? There are advantages and disadvantages to each legal structure. As a new business entrepreneur, you should examine all the characteristics and determine which is best suited to your needs. 

As you decide upon your legal structure, you should carefully evaluate both your present and future needs for operating your business. To avoid duplication of legal expenses, licensing and paperwork, analyze your various options and choose the business structure that will meet your long-term needs rather than choosing a business structure solely for its short-term convenience. While it is not a requirement, it may be valuable to consult an attorney. See the chapter on Choosing Advisorsfor suggestions on how to select an attorney and other professional advisors.