Bloomin' Babies

The expertise of medical professionals with a personal touch

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Early in Patty’s nursing career, she knew she wanted to become a midwife. After spending years as an RN and completing her BSN, she decided it was time to pursue her dream and enrolled at Frontier Nursing University. Little did she know, her education at Frontier Nursing University would not only prepare her to become a midwife but also potentially a future entrepreneur; one of the final capstone projects she had to do was write a business plan for a midwife/birth center business.

"The coaches and staff were there to help without being too pampering. They are a great support system."
Upon settling into Grand Junction, they found their way to The Business Incubator Center where they took the “Starting a Business in Western Colorado” and “Leading Edge” classes. During this time, they were also in the beginning stages of starting Bloomin’ Babies, armed with Patty’s nursing and midwifery education along with Dick’s Masters of Hospital Administration. Upon completing the classes, the Kandiko’s were confronted with many challenges they would have to overcome in order to open their doors. First, they had to find a suitable location close to medical services. Second, they needed to find a doctor with hospital privileges that would be willing to take their referral patients should it become necessary. Third, they had to work with local and state fire officials to determine which fire safety rules their birthing center needed to be built to. Finally, they needed to receive their state licensing in order to operate. Some of these challenges were easier to overcome than others but the Kandiko’s persevered and were verbally granted their license on September 17, 2013. They credit their success in part to the resources that the SBDC and staff coaches have provided along the way. Patty & Dick both say, “The coaches and staff were there to help without being too pampering. They are a great support system."

The Kandiko’s are excited to be able to offer a birthing option for women who want the expertise of medical professionals with a home-like environment with a personal touch. In addition to birthing services, they will also be offering services for all women from pre-conception (annual visits, contraception, etc.) through menopause.

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