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Colorado company redefines regional beer

2064 County Rd. 12 South Alamosa, CO 81101

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It is not often that a great opportunity comes along, but when it does, there is nothing worse than missing out on it. When Colorado Malting Company began, it was just an idea between a couple of farmers and their kids. It turns out it was a “light bulb” moment and the concept went from the kitchen table to the barn and into your micro-brews.

Jason Cody and his partners brought the concept to the SLV Small Business Development Center as the business began selling their great brewing malts from their own fields of barley. They learned how to help take the beer ingredients from the field to the glass, but needed some help with strategic planning, business management, and internal controls. The owner members of the company are exceptionally talented and gifted when it comes to growing, malting, and selling the products. This is the reason the Colorado Malting Company has been able to be so successful. They’ve re-defined the term “regional beer” and continue to explore options for diverse ingredients.

The owners of this company are local Colorado folks with a great idea and the ingenuity to get it done. They raise two-row malt barley and wheat, take them through the malting processes (a converted dairy barn) and then market and distribute to breweries throughout Colorado and all across the nation.

They designed all their own equipment and facilities. They own the designs that make micro- malting accurate, affordable and which allow for high quality consistent malt products. They sack and market their products and offer a milling service for smaller breweries that are not capable of milling themselves.

Getting their malt facility dialed in and working out the bugs has not been easy or cheap, but they have persevered and are leading the micro-malting industry in the United States.

“We appreciate all of our partners, especially the assistance of the SBDC. In our words ‘quality & consistency are the keys to a successful malt company.’ We work where we live and live where we work, so it is important to us not only to profit from our endeavors but also to see that our tradition lives on in our families and community. We are here to provide a service and strive to make a consistent high quality product that can bring some local flavor to the beer as well as saving some shipping costs. The way we see it, we are all in this together.”
Jason Cody

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