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Nina Faull, of Doxy’s Fine Foods, is so excited she can hardly speak. Since beginning her foray into gourmet food production with the South Metro Denver Small Business Development Center (SBDC) last May, her business’s swift expansion has left her breathless. In fact, when she arrived for her interview for this Success Story, Faull had just returned from a sales pitch with a national grocery chain. “He looked at the bottle and my spice packets and said ‘I’d like to place an order right now,” Faull said.
Faull’s path to creating her specialty food line began with a cookbook she wrote for women to give their husbands, complete with vintage photos of lovely ladies. She sold over 1,000 before writing a second book and starting a vintage foodie column for a UK magazine. Her friends’ constant requests for her homemade balsamic vinaigrette propelled her to take the next step. One day, a friend asked her to bottle the vinaigrette, sparking Faull to ponder storing it in a wine bottle. “I became a chemist overnight,” Faull said, and she began researching bottling techniques while creating a unique label for her product. In July 2012, Faull began producing Doxy’s Fine Foods in a commercial kitchen. The line currently includes her signature balsamic vinaigrette, as well as handcrafted gluten-free, vegan, seasoning packets. These unique, versatile products can be used as dressings, dipping sauces, or marinades.

Prior to beginning her adventure in handcrafted goodness, Faull made a counseling appointment with the South Metro Denver SBDC.

“[The SBDC] was my first stop even before I started production because failure was not an option. I knew that I needed to do it right."
Nina Faull

She began working on her business plan with the SBDC in May 2012, and obtained consulting prior to each major business decision. She has worked extensively with our team of consultants in marketing, sales, strategic financial planning, search engine optimization, and business expansion. According to Stefanie Dalgar, marketing consultant, Faull’s ability to follow through on SBDC recommendations has been critical to her success. “Nina is a model for anyone looking to start a business. Her drive and determination enabled her to take the guidance given and feedback provided to her, and turn her concept into a successful business within a very short time. Her enthusiasm and passion make her wonderful person to work with and is reflected in the success she has experienced along the way,” Dalgar remarked.

Faull also credits her consultants with keeping her focused on the big picture and avoiding being overwhelmed by the minutia of starting a business. This has been particularly important, given the speed at which her business is increasing. Although she began selling her product at farmer’s markets less than a year ago, Faull has already made inroads into major Colorado retailers. In order to prepare her sales pitch, Faull worked with sales consultant Gina Kaelin-Westcott to perfect and personalize her presentation. In February, she was a Williams-Sonoma Featured Artisan, where she received rave reviews and swift sales.

“Nina did a fantastic job of taking the guidance and putting it to work for her. She knew what her goals were and worked very hard to ensure she had all the pieces in the right place to achieve them,” said Kaelin-Westcott. “Seeing her featured at the Williams-Sonoma Artisan market was a wonderful achievement for all her dedicated work.”
After her positive reception at Williams Sonoma, Faull decided it was time to take the next step and began pitching her product to other high-end food retailers. She also recently participated in Natural Products Expo West, “The world's largest and premier tradeshow for the natural, organic and healthy products industry,” according to its website. Prior to attending the expo, Faull met again with Dalgar to discuss her marketing strategy and

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