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Passion for horses leads to acquisition for small business owner

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Stephanie Brault’s passion is working with horses. Providing them with the highest quality veterinary care has been her profession since 1988. After more than 10 years of working in academic veterinary medicine at the University of California Davis and most recently at Colorado State University, Stephanie purchased a private veterinary business in July of this year.

Creating and maintaining relationships with her clients has been Stephanie’s biggest success in her business thus far. “I am excited to have my own business and make lasing relationships with clients.” Stephanie looks forward to the long-term client involvement that comes with a private equine veterinary practice. Being mobile allows her to see the animals in their natural setting. The horses are more relaxed because they have not been transported. This helps Stephanie knows any issues she finds are real and not related to the trip. She can also see their surroundings and make suggestions for improvements to the owners.

While Stephanie is an expert in the field of veterinary medicine, she had no business experience prior to purchasing Equine Veterinary Services of Northern Colorado, PC.

I attended the SBDC’s classes on business planning and cash flow. Donna (Beaman) helped me with cash flow projections during counseling sessions.”
Stephanie Brault

The Business Planning for Success class and one-on-one counseling made it possible for Stephanie to secure her loan and purchase the business.

One highlight of Stephanie’s business plan that makes her unique is the “Wellness Program.” Just like people, horses need an annual check-up to identify small problems before they become big ones. There are several options from which the clients can choose. Being able to examine a horse comfortable with its surroundings gives Stephanie a good idea of which option is best to recommend on an individual basis.

Stephanie’s advice to anyone looking to start or purchase a small business is to “learn as much as you can about the whole business and get opinions from a lot of people. Surround yourself with good advisors.” Stephanie has found these advisors at the SBDC and looks forward to taking more classes in the future to assist in the day-to-day management of Equine Veterinary Services of Northern Colorado, PC.

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