Front Range MI-BOX

Storage and Moving Services

3825 Silica Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

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Front Range MI-BOX was opened in March 2015 by owner Bart Taylor, who serves as president. Bart is a retired naval officer and has 20+ years of business and engineering management experience that has helped guide his journey in to entrepreneurship. MI-BOX rents and delivers containers that can be used for storage and/or moving. They service Pueblo and El Paso counties, as well as outlying areas.

This journey has not been without a few struggles as to be expected. Securing financing was one of the more significant struggles he encountered, but thanks to the SBDC, time, and determination all was overcome. “I can’t express how important it was to have a council of experts to draw upon during the start-up of the business”, shares Bart. “The SBDC was a key member of my advisory council; I called upon them for a number of issues during the process. The SBDC played a key role in the success of MI-BOX and I will always be grateful for their support”. SBDC also helped in the areas of business plan development, locating insurance contacts, and providing training, such as QuickBooks.

Bart has enjoyed working with his residential and business customers, as it has proven to be a rewarding experience. He states, “It’s nice to know that people appreciate a local business and customer service”. Bart believes the number one thing that separates MI-BOX from the competition is quality, hands down. Quality in customer service, equipment and product. Not to mention the ability to service areas his competitors do not. Front Range MI-BOX has exceeded their business plan targets. They were on track to double their goals but were limited by container availability. As a result Front Range MI-BOX has accelerated their 2nd phase by 9+ months and are targeting 300% increase in inventory before next summer.

Front Range MI-BOX has goals of becoming the #1 mobile storage business in Colorado. They continue to expand to meet the needs of their customers by fine tuning their operations to stay #1 in customer service. In addition, they are on track to add employees with the next few months, with plans to explore ways to help existing and other start-up businesses with their services. For more information on their business and services, look for Front Range MI-BOX on Facebook and Google+.

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