Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant

SBDC Helps Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant Get Up and Running

800 E. Kiowa Ave Elizabeth, Colorado 80107

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Modesto Ramos and business partners headquartered in Elizabeth Colorado have a long history with operating and managing Family Mexican Food dining establishments in Colorado and other states. So when the opportunity arose for the Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurants to expand and secure new locations in Elizabeth and Falcon Colorado they were willing and ready to do so. "The Elizabeth and Falcon communities really needed a new dining experience for locals and tourists alike to enjoy an affordable, authentic, and quality Mexican meal” explained Modesto.

Like many small business owners, we needed a little support and guidance in getting our new additional business locations up and running. This is where the Northeast East-Central Colorado SBDC and SBDC Business Consultant Craig Curl came into play.

"We're very grateful for the support 
from the SBDC”-Modesto Ramos
Modesto Ramos heard about the services offered and began meeting on a regular basis with the Northeast-East Central Colorado SBDC. The SBDC has worked with Modesto in building a comprehensive business plan, strategic marketing plan and monthly cash flow projections that has increased sales and opened new business opportunities for new restaurant locations. The SBDC assisted Modesto in preparation and then meeting with banks, where current “lease purchase options” are being funded for the purchase of the restaurant real estate for an additional location.

Currently Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurants operate locations in Aurora, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Windsor, and Falcon

The SBDC Center is providing ongoing assistance Modesto, Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurants in “economic gardening” for new locations within the state. The current plan indicates a growth at the rate of 1 -2 new restaurant locations per year for the next 5 years. This growth plan will add 5 - 8 new restaurant locations within the state, by 2020.

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