Kool Rides Custom Detailing

Demographics and regulations of Northern Colorado brings detail business to Fort Collins

808 E. Mulberry St. Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Michael Nelson knew that starting his own business was going to be a difficult process; however the rewards could be tremendous. It all began with developing a business plan and acquiring information on demographics, regulations, location, and financial assistance. After researching many demographics and local regulations in Northern Colorado, Michael decided that Fort Collins, Colorado is where he would stake his claim.

The biggest obstacle he faced was obtaining financial assistance. He contacted Mary Fischer at the Fort Collins Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to see what assistance and advice she could offer to make his dream a reality. Mary reviewed Michael’s business plan and made a few minor adjustments and offered some suggestions. Her advice paid off and Michael was able to receive business loans he needed to start Kool Rides Custom Detailing. Not have a business financial background; the staff at the SBDC suggested he attend a financial management workshop being offered. This workshop gave Michael additional tools he needed to successfully control new business finances.

On March 3, 2007 Kool Rides Custom Detailing officially opened. In April, Michael secured his first commercial account and revenue grew from $1,500 in April to close to $4,000 by June. By July he hired his first employee.

Through the advice and education received throughout the year, the SBDC has been instrumental in making Michael’s business a success.

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