Leenie's Southern Cafe

Cafe is grand recipe of owners' long hours of planning

800 S. Hover Rd., Ste. 9 Longmont, CO 80501

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Conversations, laughter, biscuits and homemade jam melt together at Leenies Southern Café. Established in January 2006, Mel Flores and Eileen Gilmore’s restaurant in Longmont has become the destination for those seeking food fulfillment.

Guests fill the simple room of white tablecloths and shelves loaded with jams and dishes while local artwork decorates the walls. The atmosphere and menu featuring items such as fried chicken, homemade biscuits, and grits gives patrons the excuse to relax and even extend a lunch hour for a minute or two.

The menu choices offered are made of preservative-free, fresh food products. No one at Leenies opens any cans on its premises. In fact, Leenies does not even own a freezer since they pay attention to the amounts of food sold, always seeking freshness.

The grand recipe of this café is a mixture of Flores and Gilmore’s long hours of planning, preparation, and aspirations - topped off with a seasoning of faith. After reaching a crossroads of going beyond his bachelor’s degree in psychology or working in corporate, Mel, along with Eileen, decided to make Leenies a reality.

Enlisting the assistance of the Boulder Small Business Development Center for restaurant start-up and ongoing consulting, working with a supportive landlord and raising capital through family, Mel and Eileen remodeled the restaurant space then opened for business. They now are keeping up with growing demand with a full-time staff of four, plus three part-time workers for the busy weekends.

After 14 months they are happily finding themselves just where they projected to be in phase II of their business plan.

Within several months, customers will be able to sip in the quiet outdoors on a patio soon to be built. When patrons do not have the time to do this though, starting in May, Leenies will home-deliver food to Longmont and the surrounding areas, such as the nearby Prospect neighborhood. The special tastes Leenies cooks up will also soon be available for sale through their Sweet South Food Products™. Patrons will be able to bring home Leenies spices, Creole and blackening seasonings, syrups, triple berry, peach and strawberry jams.

During their times of success and growth, Mel and Eileen are focused on maintaining a café that is engaged with its customers and the community. They both treasure the opportunity they have had to make hundreds of local friends.

"We are a friendly neighborhood restaurant that at the same time offers delicious food, and that people know we are invested in the community. Our taxes, involvement and energy stays here in Longmont."
Mel Flores

As Mel iterates this, Eileen catches up with a family of regulars whose toddler whisks away toys Leenies keeps in the corner, in-between his shouts of “thank you” for his biscuit and jam.

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