Mariana's Authentic Cuisine

Healthy Natural Indonesian Food

610 E. 8th Ave Durango, CO 81301

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Mariana Hidayat began serving healthy, natural Indonesian food out of her portable trailer in January of 2013. Before she opened, she called SW Colorado SBDC for advice on the requirements for doing business in LaPlata County.
A SBDC consultant, helped her “learn how to do business in America”
A Southwest SBDC cordinator provided guidance on which permits were necessary and the County, State and Federal taxes required. The SBDC cordinator then referred Mariana to two different advisors. One facilitated the tax aspect while the other helped her prioritize the steps she needed to take to establish the business and introduced her to Legal Zoom.

Legal Zoom provides personalized, affordable legal solutions for individuals and businesses. Mariana was able to access the legal documents she needed to manage the licensing, permits, insurance, government paperwork and tax liabilities.

The advisors took her back to the basics and helped her understand the whole process of starting a business. “Mariana had many challenges, including the English language and didn’t understand all the requirements.” They met with her numerous times and notes the tremendous changes he had seen from where she started to where she is now. “Mariana is doing very well. I’m very proud of her accomplishments given the obstacles she had to overcome to start her business.”

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