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The Whoopie Pie Guy brings treats from the east coast

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Mike Buzzell, or “The Whoopie Pie Guy,” will tell you that as long as you believe in your company and do what you love, your business is already a success. That attitude has certainly helped keep him motivated since he started The Mile High Whoopie Pie Company in 2010.

Mike moved to Colorado in September of 2009. After only a few weeks, he was already missing Whoopie Pies: wonderful, cream-filled, cake-like cookie sandwiches that he used to be able to get in his home town of South Portland, Maine, but he couldn’t find them anywhere in Colorado. On the east coast, Whoopie Pies can be found everywhere. In fact, South Portland is home to the largest Whoopie Pie in the world, weighing in at 1,062 pounds! Maine celebrates this famed cookie dessert each year with a Whoopie Pie Festival. Needless to say, the absence of his favorite dessert in Colorado Springs was a huge culture shock to Mike.

To help ease his cravings, a friend of Mike’s sent him a care package filled with Maine-made Whoopie Pies. After taking some into work to share with co-workers, Mike learned they had no idea what Whoopie Pies were. This is when his new business idea struck! Why not bring the Whoopie Pie sensation to Colorado Springs? Mike decided that he would try making his own Whoopie Pies and introduce this east coast classic dessert into the western Colorado culture. He made his first batch the night before Thanksgiving in 2009, and ended up having to throw out the whole batch the next day. They were awful! It seems the difference between baking at over 6300 feet above sea level versus 10 feet can have adverse results if not done right! But with persistence, a lot of adjustments, and good friends willing to taste test, a masterpiece was born.

It was at this point that Mike decided he would transform his Whoopie Pie passion into a full time business. In April of 2010, he sought the help of the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center to further develop his business idea. Although the process of starting a business appeared to be daunting, the SBDC was able to guide Mike through creating a business plan, deciding on the right business structure, obtaining his business license, and keeping him motivated throughout the process. In particular, Mark Bittle, volunteer business counselor at the Colorado Springs SBDC, was instrumental in keeping Mike motivated. Mark gave him assistance with business direction and goals, sales strategies, and even gave him homework to keep him focused. The SBDC helped Mike with transforming his passion into legally starting a business the right way.

Mike’s hard work paid off, and he opened the Mile High Whoopie Pie Company in June of 2010. He operates out of a co-op kitchen in Old Colorado City, west of Colorado Springs. On weekends, locals can find Mike in front of a community commercial kitchen selling his Whoopie Pies as well as at local farmer’s markets. He also sponsors and sells Whoopie Pies at the local roller derby games supporting the Pikes Peak Derby Dames. He has been featured on the KKTV mid-morning news report as “The Whoopie Pie Guy.” For those that don’t live in Colorado Springs, customers can order Whoopie Pies online at and have them shipped across the nation. Mike has over 160 flavor variations to choose from, including a wide variety of gluten free options.

In planning for the future, Mike would like to own his own storefront and start wholesaling to grocery stores, super markets, and coffee shops. He also has plans to expand his business into Pueblo and Denver, eventually setting up a franchise. His immediate focus is to get community sponsorships to fund the shipments of 1,000 pounds of Whoopie Pies overseas to U.S. troops.

All in all, Mike has both struggled and rejoiced on his way to success. At times, he was tempted to quit yet still pushed forward. His business is growing and more and more as he is becoming locally known as “Th

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