Namaste Solar

Employee-owned solar electric company continues to grow

4571 Broadway St. Boulder, CO 80304

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Namaste Solar Electric has grown from its three founders (Blake Jones, Wes Kennedy and Ray Tuomey) in December ’05 to 19 employee-owners as of September ‘06. And they expect to continue growing at a similar pace next year. Namaste Solar Electric is a 100% employee-owned Solar Electric Company based in Boulder, Colorado. They design, supply and install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Systems for homes and businesses throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Their many clients include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA,) Boulder Community Hospital, McStain Neighborhoods and U.S. Congressman Mark Udall.

According to Blake Jones, President, “The market for “grid-connected” solar PV systems was almost non-existent last year before Amendment 37 was launched, so in many ways our company and the entire PV industry in Colorado have had to go from zero to 100 mph overnight.” Namaste Solar Electric used the time between when Amendment 37 was voted into effect (November 2004) and when it was launched (March 2006) to lay the groundwork to tap into this market opportunity and build the structure of their company. Ray Tuomey, Vice President of Marketing, attended the Boulder SBDC workshop, “Create a Powerful Marketing Plan,” presented by SBDC Director, Sharon King. He then met with Sharon individually over several sessions to discuss marketing and communication strategies and, later, to get feedback on proposed communication materials and action plans.

A values-based company, Namaste Solar Electric has a well-articulated employee ownership model and no external investors.

“It is very important to us that we provide the opportunity to all our team members to buy shares in the company and participate in the lessons, experiences, responsibilities, risks and rewards associated with being an owner.”
Blake Jones

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