Outside the Breadbox

Leading Edge course helps bakery to secure SBA loan.

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When Rick and Pam Hasty discovered nearly 20 years ago that their young daughter would experience severe allergic reactions to wheat products, they literally had to think “outside the breadbox” in order to provide her with a healthy, balanced diet. Alternatives to wheat flour and gluten-free foods were nonexistent in grocery stores, as were the organic and health food markets that have become so popular today. Therefore—with a lot of creativity, perseverance, and love—Rick and Pam began creating and baking their own wheat free breads for their daughter. Over time, they learned that there was not only interest in these products from others with the same food allergies, but also a market for these products. An idea and a dream were sparked.

Rick and Pam obtained a second mortgage on their home to rent a 700 square foot building that would become their bakery. They had bigger plans—and expected to outgrow their small bakery soon. Therefore, they chose not to sign a long-term lease with their landlord, and were then faced with a 30-day eviction notice as a result. Unable to find another bakery that met their unique needs (flour could not have been used in the bakery) they feared their dream would only be that—a dream. Rick and Pam have never given up in the face of adversity—and they certainly were not willing to give up this dream now. They desired that all children and adults with food allergies would have access to delicious, nutritious foods that would meet their dietary needs.

Rick and Pam attended the NxLevel Leading Edge workshop through the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center. They were given the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to develop their business plan and instill new hope into their dream. As a result of this workshop, they secured a substantial SBA loan.

Rick and Pam Hasty are now the proud owners of “Out of the Breadbox”, a bakery with an attached building that may one day become a restaurant serving food to those with food allergies and also to those who simply want a delicious and healthy meal. Today, the bakery offers bread, pies, cookies, and crackers—to list just a few items— made with all-natural, allergy-free ingredients found throughout the world. Organic and health food stores have taken great interest in the products made at “Out of the Breadbox” and even offer a selection of these baked goods on their shelves. Rick and Pam have faced many formidable obstacles and overcome daunting challenges, but they never lost their dream and their desire to bring their products to those who need them. They have a passion for what they are doing, and they believe that when you believe strongly enough in your dream, you can achieve it. They certainly did.

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