Persnickety Pet Grooming

Mobile pet grooming business requires strict attention to detail

Westminster, CO 80031

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Deanne Stowers' business plan for her pet grooming business envisioned a full-service facility, complete with boarding kennels and possibly a pet day care center, but an extended vacation trip to Costa Rica changed all that. When she returned, Deanne modified her business plan and took her show on the road as Persnickety Pet Grooming, offering professional dog and cat grooming services from a completely tricked out mobile unit.

Deanne's fully customized van includes a pair of 100-gallon water tanks, a hot water heating system a pet-washing bathtub, complete pet grooming table, blow dryers, even a power generator – everything you would find in a bricks and mortar grooming facility, only Deanne's Persnickety Pet Grooming travels direct to the pet owner's home or office. She limits her services to the “Greater Boulder Turnpike Corridor,” the region between the north Denver metro area and south Boulder.

Deanne said the Small Business Development Center's business plan writing class helped her realize her initial plan for a full service facility was “way over her head.”

After factoring in her desire to travel, she revised her business idea to center on the mobile unit she uses today. Her business plan was named the best in the SBDC class and the number two business plan statewide in 2007. The rest is pet grooming history.

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