Reid Aviation & Aerial Spraying, LLC

Local farmer integrates his passion for flying in his small business

637 E. 10th Ave. Springfield, CO 81073

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Born and raised on a farm and ranch in northeastern Colorado, Josh Reid operated all sorts of farm equipment that functioned by the use of steering wheels, levers, and pedals. Now living in Springfield, Colorado (Baca County) in the far southeastern part of the state, Josh still operates equipment that, yes, functions by the use of steering wheels, levers, and pedals. The levers and pedals are now attached to his own airplane, and soon to come, another plane and a helicopter.

Early in 2012, Josh started Reid Aviation & Aerial Spraying, LLC in Springfield. Josh’s new business allows him to integrate the farm and ranch life he still loves with his passion for flying. Josh is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to apply chemical sprays to farm fields for weed and pest eradication as well as industrial rights of way and general public health.

With the help of the Small Business Development Center at Otero Junior College in La Junta, Josh wrote a threephase business plan to present to potential investors. Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development (SECED) in Lamar approved initial funding for phase one of Josh’s plan. Josh used the funds to purchase a small two-person plane as the first plane in his new business. As Josh‘s business grows and he implements the other two phases of his business plan, he will purchase a larger plane and a helicopter for chemical spraying as well as the hangar and assets of a current aerial praying business in his community.

Josh plans to market his aerial spraying business to farmers from Arizona to Iowa to south Texas to the Canadian border.

“Farmers rely on a quality and reliable spraying service for the very best crops. My success will be measured by customer creation and retention. I owe a lot to my family and friends, the SBDC, and SECED in helping make this dream no longer a dream, but a reality.”
Josh Reid

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