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Rick Benson is currently an industrial electrician, installing well pad automation systems for the oil and gas industry. He has spent the last decade in the oil field, mainly in management and trouble-shooting positions. Prior to that he had owned or co-owned construction companies since graduating from high-school.

In the course of his work, Benson saw a need for a device that provided on-site static discharge safety, and could prevent costly damage to the pad sites. So he sat down and designed, then built, a device which fulfilled those needs.

Rick’s wife, Terri, investigated the Leading Edge program. She said, “After reading the syllabus on the class, and realizing the timing was great, we enrolled to prevent making costly mistakes when starting our new business.” By the time the Bensons completed the course, they had produced a business plan which won first place in the Mesa County competition. “Without the Leading Edge Program and coaching from the Incubator and SBDC staff, we never would have gotten our business off the ground, let alone started making money right off the bat,” Benson commented.

Since completing the program, RPMS has received purchase orders for more than 75 units. Following suggestions from the Leading Edge class textbook, the company purchased used equipment which eliminated steps and time, thereby driving down costs and increasing profits.
“We’ll continue to utilize lessons learned in the program and from Incubator and SBDC staff for years to come.”
Rick Benson

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