Sante Fe Coffee and Burrito Company

Southwest and Spanish restaurant opens in Longmont

33 S. Main St. Longmont, CO 80501

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Arturo Maestas launched the Santa Fe Coffee and Burrito Company, in Longmont, CO, on April 11, 2011. Santa Fe Coffee and Burrito Company is a Spanish and Southwest restaurant with a diverse menu, featuring both Spanish and American style dishes. Arturo has relatives in Albuquerque, NM and sought to bring the ambiance of Santa Fe, NM, to Longmont, CO. Arturo remodeled the entire restaurant himself and with the help of few family members and friends. The beautiful wood columns in Arturo’s restaurant were made in and came straight from Santa Fe.

Before opening the restaurant, Arturo worked in remodeling and construction and was also involved in three Boulder restaurants around thirty years ago, and he says the high volume of work “stayed in his blood”. Although the restaurant hours are 7am—2pm, Arturo works long and hard hours from 5:30am—9 or 10pm. Arturo says that he is managing the work load and the business with his knowledge from the previous restaurants and is learning as he goes and taking in things as they come.

With the help of Boulder SBDC consultant, Jesse Esparza, Arturo was able to establish his business name, determine what licenses and registrations he needed for his restaurant and comply with health department, city, county and state regulations.

“Jesse is very personable and knowledgeable."
Arturo Maestas

In the future, Arturo would like to do some landscaping in the front of his restaurant and extend the hours of the restaurant into the evening. He would like to put a sign outside of the restaurant that allows traffic to see that the restaurant is there before driving right by it. Arturo plans to seek an alcohol license for his business if he decides to open for dinner. When Arturo is ready to expand, he will contact the Boulder SBDC for assistance.

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