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A brand new "Lone Eagle" company is debuting in Pagosa Springs - SonnyLight, LLC. Manufacturer of a patent-pending indoor kitchen garden that grows herbs, vegetables and flowering plants year round, SonnyLight will be shipping their first round of products late this year.

Prior to the product launch, SonnyLight assembled an exceptional team of marketing and business consultants from the Pagosa Springs and Durango area. In fact, the company already has hundreds of interested buyers eagerly anticipating the shipment of this innovative garden product. As the demand continues and business grows, SonnyLight expects to hire additional employees in the near future.

SonnyLight LED is a small container garden that utilizes superior LED grow lights to cultivate plants up to three times faster than the competition while using 70% less energy. Using standard 10" x 20" nursery trays, customers can start up to 72 plans at one time. In addition, the pre-programmed Grow Logic software and selectable light wavelength matched to the plant type provides the right light for the right season of the plants life, whether it is germinating, growing and/or budding and flowering.

SonnyLight is the inspiration of a retired automotive executive who has a passion for both technology and sustainability. After leaving the auto industry several years ago, Leo "Sonny" Hayes and his wife purchased a small Colorado mountain ranch in Pagosa Springs. They built a greenhouse on their property to grow their own organic, heirloom vegetables and also began to raise heritage animals.

As they experienced the joy of this quiet, sustainable lifestyle, they also encountered a challenge in the short growing season of Southwest Colorado. To that end, Sonny recognized a significant need for a product that would enhance plant growth without the huge electrical power consumption of traditional grow lights. Sonny also discovered that plants utilize a very small portion of the visible light spectrum for photosynthesis.

Sonny and his wife decided to pursue this idea as a new business and took the Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center's NX Level Leading Edge course sponsored by the Archuleta Economic Development Association (AEDA) in the fall of 2008. The 12-week business plan class gave him the foundation and path to pursue his dream.

"Our company wouldn't be here today without taking that class."
Leo Hayes

After winning the business plan competition, attending mentoring sessions with AEDA and the Small Business Development Center, Leo connected with key individuals in manufacturing, product design and marketing and successfully launched the business in 2009.

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