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Born and raised in Florida, Kelli Crosby had her first experience snow skiing at age 14. During her first week on the slopes, her friend decided she was ready to tackle a double black diamond run. It was during this exhilarating run that her future life as an entrepreneur was decided, but not in the way one would expect. She crashed horribly, injuring her knees, which required surgery and two rounds of physical therapy. It was during her experience in physical therapy that she decided that she wanted to be a physical therapist and help people overcome injuries and live healthier lives.

“I didn’t have any entrepreneurs in my family. I knew I wanted to do it my own way, and knew it could be done different and better.”
Kelli Crosby

“Different and better”, synonymous with the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, for Crosby meant that she wanted to focus more on the prevention of issues that lead to the need for physical therapy and try to be less reactive to problems. It was out of this philosophy that she published the book, “How to think like a physical therapist”, which she continually refers to while treating patients to educate them and teach them how to avoid repeating their injury.

When she decided to ski down the mountain of self employment, she began to do research on what it would take, which led her to the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center for help with a business plan.

“The help I got at the SBDC was invaluable” said Crosby.

Getting the financing was the biggest obstacle, but she knew without it her dreams wouldn’t be possible. Cosby first visited the SBDC in the summer of 2008 when the idea was a “twinkle in her eyes”. She got serious about the business plan in January 2009, and after becoming a long term client of the SBDC, she had the help she needed to prepare a business plan that she used to apply for and receive an SBA 7a loan from Vectra Bank.

Opening the doors of Synergy Physical Therapy in October of 2009, Kelli has been enjoying every day of the life of an entrepreneur, running her physical therapy clinic with the proactive philosophy she knows is different and better.

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