TempOrthotics LLC

Company provides relief to Grand Junction residents

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In 2003, Cinde Waller was injured and overlooked in the ER. After three years of being undiagnosed, she ended up having a bi-lateral disectomy, but after surgery, she had no support for her jaw. Being the creative person that she is, she used a ribbon and tied it in a position to elevate her jaw away from the pain. After a few alterations, her first brace was completed and she used it every day during her recovery. Her doctors observed its use and requested braces for other patients. Cinde pursued and received a patent in 2010. Thus, TempOrthotics was born.

TempOrthotics LLC is a company providing an instrument of relief, used by Temporomandibular Joint Disorder patients for the support and stability they need for post-surgical healing and assisted relief of TMJD tension-related pain. Cinde has created products that are extremely compatible with nighttime dental sleep appliances that require the jaw to remain in a secure, stable, closed position.

Cinde is used to making tough decisions and she believes that one of the most important decisions she has made to date has been to make sure TempOrthotics LLC remains a Colorado company. The SBDC program has assisted her along the way by helping her find local sewers, evaluating her marketing strategy and website, and working with her to help ensure her readiness to take on investors.

“The personal interest the staff takes in my company and its success is priceless. The process of working with the SBDC and Incubator staff has been invaluable, not only in providing reasonable rent that has been essential to the success of my company, but also in providing me the free business guidance and skills needed to succeed.”
Cinde Waller

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