The Pet Haus

Local pet store fulfills need in community

1444 Main Ave. Durango, CO 81301

970-256-2564 | Visit Website

Pet Haus specializes in everything you need for your dogs and cats. They carry food, collars, leashes, tools, treats, supplements and grooming equipment. President and CEO Louis Galinson says, “If we don’t have it—we know where to get it.”

He opened his store on the busiest corner in La Plata County in November of 2009. As the proverb goes, he saw a need for a supplier in the pet industry and decided to fill it.

Louis took the Starting Your Business and Leading Edge for Entrepreneurs workshops offered by the SBDC.

“The Leading Edge course showed me how serious yet attainable a business can be if you’re realistic about it. The business certainly wouldn’t have come to fruition without the classes and they certainly made it a lot easier. I worked on my business plan for four months before I approached a bank for a loan. I did tons of research and when the numbers showed it was a viable business, I decided to get the capital to make it happen.”
Louis Galison

Louis worked with a business advisor on the financials and the nuances of the lease agreement on the building. Again, Louis put lots of time into researching similar stores in other mountain towns with similar populations to gauge the viability of the business.

“Running the numbers and showing the possibilities and potential of the business was really important and made me feel comfortable in moving forward.”

Louis also got advice from family members, friends and other business owners in town. “I ask my clients what they want, adjust inventory and modify things as needed over time. Creating relationships in the community is important.” Pet Haus contributes to local charities and works with the Humane Society, local trainers, day cares and kennels to continue growing the business.

Galinson has two cats and two dogs who also love the store.

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