Vince's GM Center

Franchise continues to expand in northeast Colorado

1847 Rose Ave. Burlington, CO 80807

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Vince and Jana Schreivogel purchased their first GM franchise in July of 1983. Vince’s Chevrolet-Olds-Cadillac, Inc. was located at 1332 Senter Avenue in Burlington, Colorado, for 18 years.

In February of 2000, Vince and Jana purchased Bull Rush Motor Co., which was a Buick-Pontiac-GMC dealership. The two stores were consolidated and named Vince’s GM Center. The business was moved to 1697 Rose Avenue in Burlington.

General Motors discontinued the Oldsmobile franchise in 2001 and Pontiac in 2009, making Vince’s GM Center the four franchise dealer it is today.

"Over the years, we have acquired new customers and friends by being passionate about customer service.”
Vince Schreivogel

In December 2009, General Motors announced a program for its dealers called “Facility Image.” Vince’s GM Center had outgrown its facility in all departments, and if they wanted to progress and continue to grow their business, they needed to consider building a new dealership. Not knowing where to begin, the Schreivogels contacted the Northeast East–Central Colorado SBDC for some guidance. “The SBDC was very helpful in assisting us with budgeting, forecasting, and contacting financial companies. We were fortunate to work with the SBDC, which was very instrumental in assisting us in securing funding and getting us through the building process.”

On May 27, 2011, they broke ground on their brand-new facility located one block west of their old location, at 1847 Rose Avenue. One year later, they moved into their new dealership. "I began selling cars in 1972 at this very location, which at that time was a Ford dealership. Forty years later, this is truly a dream come true,” stated Vince. “Since moving into our new facility, our sales have increased by more than 30 percent.”

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