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Delaney Keating and Traci Chivington Team Up to Offer BioFeedback in Gunnison, Colorado. In today's stress-filled world, it seems like everybody is looking for a way to optimize their health. There are many alternative treatments available, one of which is biofeedback technology. "Biofeedback is a stress training modality that works in communication with the body's energetic/electrical system," Delaney Keating offered. "The subtlety of the stress training can have some highly beneficial results for the body and has been very powerful in releasing stress patterns in my body." Regarding setting up the practice, Traci states,
"The SBDC consulting was such a short cut for me to start this business. I would have wasted lots of time figuring it all out on my own. I appreciate what Western State Colorado University offers with the SBDC.”

Delaney values the SBDC and expecially the breakeven calculations and the financial projections that Marilyn Laverty provided in Excel for her to use as a template. Traci and Delaney decided to bring this healing technology to Gunnison after they each experienced what some might describe as
miraculous healing in their own lives which ignited their passion for their business. Traci woke up one Saturday morning in January of 2014 with no sight in one eye. It was suggested that she get an MRI, which concluded that she had MS. "Over the next six months, I did what was recommended by several different medical professionals," Traci detailed. "After that, I decided to take my health into my own hands, because I truly believe my body has the power to heal itself." Through her research, Traci explored many different therapies and practitioners, trying many detoxifying techniques and incorporating changes to her daily diet.

In the process, Traci learned all about the vital role of healthy nutrition. "Along the way, I discovered I did not have MS, but that I was misdiagnosed and actually had lyme disease," Traci explained. This revelation put her on the path that led to her introduction to biofeedback. "After my very first biofeedback session, I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my chest," she said. "After three biofeedback treatments in about eight weeks, I felt completely different." Delaney had extreme life stress, and was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease, and though biofeedback she helped her body achieve homeostasis (balance). "Blood-imaging was the other major component that helped reveal the deeper need for her to detoxify at a deep cellular level. Delaney looks at singular drops of live and dry blood through a microscope. She shares these images with clients on a computer screen, which can be quite an eye-opener.

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