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To many, industrial waste is just the end of the line, a pile of rubbish destined for the landfill. But to John-Paul Maxfield, founder of Waste Farmers, it's merely the beginning of another natural cycle. He and wife Carrie built their new recycling company on the same principal of sustainability found in the natural world. Just as nature's organisms grow, mature, die, and are then recycled for use by the next generation, industrial processes can mirror the natural world as this week's waste becomes next week's raw material.

Waste Farmers offers one-stop resource management services for corporate, government and residential clients, turning their trash and old equipment into raw materials by replacing the traditional dumpster-to-landfill trash-hauling model for one that “farms” the client's waste stream for recyclables, John-Paul said, making his company “a cost competitive alternative to the landfill.”

"Waste Farmers definitely could not have started without help from the Small Business Development Center, which is really part business advisor and part counselor.”
John-Paul Maxfield

He said the SBDC advised him to cut his lengthy business plan down to the basics, and helped him find insurance, financing and legal assistance as well as warehouse space.

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