SBDC answers start-up questions for Grand Junction entrepreneur

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Denise Milette has always had the entrepreneur bug. Like many entrepreneurs, she was always thinking about ways to come up with some extra money. In 2001, her sister and brother in-law had a software company that needed help filling orders. This was the perfect opportunity for Denise. She worked for them filling orders and thought that if they needed help filling orders, there must be other companies out there that needed the same kind of help. Denise built her business up slowly because she wanted to make sure that it was done correctly. She kept her fulltime job at a local hospital and worked on growing her company. She does not have any formal education in business, but she used her work experience from the accounting department at the hospital to help her become successful. She also decided to utilize the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the consultants there to help her with all the startup questions that she had. Denise attended most of the classes that the SBDC offers, and used both the knowledge and the services provided to her in order to find her own little niche in the world of packaging and shipping.

In 2003, Denise opened We-fulfill at her house and uses her garage to store client’s merchandise.

We-fulfill offers client’s software programs, websites, manuals, and she provides eight years of packaging and shipping experience.

All of the services that are offered are custom made for the client. Currently Denise has a client base of 12 customers and is going strong. Her entrepreneur bug obviously led her down the right path, to find the right people and the necessary knowledge in order for her to become successful and fulfill a lifelong dream.

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