Western Power Group, Inc.

Marketing, business planning and healthcare trainings help service company succeed

PO Box 1126 Walsenburg, CO 81089

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Western Power Group is in the business of generators and related equipment. They offer generator installations and services such as periodic maintenance, diagnostic and repair to generators and transfer switches from the cell phone tower on the mountain top to the generator providing backup power to the office building downtown.

Janet Fink is President of Western Power Group Inc. and was introduced to the SBDC when she attended the Leading Edge Program, a twelve-week program that allowed her to prepare a successful business plan and obtain a line of credit for the business. Over the years, Janet has continued to attend business workshops sponsored by the SBDC on topics that cover marketing, business policy and healthcare.

"The SBDC not only gave us the tools to form a successful business plan, but they continue to provide relevant classes and topics to keep us one step ahead of the competition.”

In 2002, the economy was experiencing a downturn and the company that John was working for in Denver decided to close its generator sales division. When John lost his job, he immediately contacted the generator manufacturer that he had been selling for and asked if he could continue to sell their products. John and Janet already had a shop building and office near Walsenburg from their previous business, so it didn’t take long to set up shop.

Most of their competition is located in the Denver area, so Western Power Group is able to offer more competitive pricing and less travel time to fix and service generator equipment in southern Colorado. Their generator technicians are factory trained and have an Electrical Generating Systems Association Certification. Because of their knowledge of generators and their great customer service, the business is able to attract customers across the entire state of Colorado.

There is no doubt the power generation business will continue to provide innovative power solutions to our world as our world’s hunger for reliable and cost efficient energy continues to grow.

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