Whitehorse Heart

Consulting company is dedicated to reinvention and wellbeing

Boulder, CO 80301

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"Whitehorse Heart is a consulting company dedicated to reinvention and wellbeing from a business, career and physical standpoint. I can help you put another oar in the water to make an effective Plan B or help you get a fresh perspective and new direction in your job or career search, or if needed, guide you to shift your shape physically so that your outside image and your mind's eye image merge.

Since relocating to Colorado from New Jersey give years ago, Teri Sanchez and the SBDC has had a positive impact on my success by supporting my evolving new business. Through participating in the innovative and diverse programs the SBDC offers, I have connected with other success-oriented business owners and continue to be privileged to learn with and from them. The topics the SBDC offers are relevant and timely and all aimed at business building. I have participated in a wide range of classes from polishing up my writing skills for more effective marketing messages to thought-provoking classes providing a fresh, new and stimulating look at diagnosing, predicting and solving my company's challenges. One of my direct sales businesses featuring the It Works natural body contouring products has grown from zero to 280 business partners and customers in eight months, allowing me to help others financially improve while increasing my own bottom line.

You don't have to build your business alone. Call Teri and the SBDC and get connected to experts who want to go to work for you to help you map out your own steps to succeed!"

Molly Campbell
Director, Whitehorse Heart

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