Zoe's Coffee

Kiosk expands into full neighborhood coffee shop

11225 Decatur St Westminster, CO 80234

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In May of 2008, Vaughn and Judy Pepper started a small coffee kiosk business. For many years, they dreamed of turning this kiosk into a full coffee shop. In 2012, they were able to turn this dream into a reality and they expanded into a full coffee shop—Zoe’s Coffee. They explained that location played an extremely important role in the new venture. "Judy and I established the shop based on demographics of the area.” The coffee shop has a sense of style that offers a “Tuscan” Italian flair and a friendly atmosphere. “Our atmosphere appeals to our customers and the community as a whole,” says Vaughn. Quality product and customer service makes Zoe’s the perfect neighborhood coffee shop.

Before jumping into their new adventure, the Peppers contacted the North Metro Denver SBDC. The rest is history.

"The SBDC offered us demographic information as well as assistance with leasing space and marketing our business. It has been an ongoing process, but the SBDC has helped us along the way. Employee issues, day-to-day operations, and daily business concerns have all been addressed through the SBDC. For us, it will continue to be a resource through the free consultations and training classes that are offered.”
Vaughn Pepper

The coffee shop is named after the Pepper’s granddaughter, Zoe. “We strive to have a family atmosphere and honor our family through the name of our shop.” Zoe now has a younger brother, so the shop will soon be serving Clay’s cupcakes—both vanilla and chocolate with a buttercream frosting.

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