I hereby agree to keep confidential any and all matters related to clients and understand that unauthorized disclosure of the identity of clients or information received by the Colorado SBDC about clients to any non-SBDC personnel or unauthorized SBA personnel is in violation of employee professional ethics. I understand the conditions outlined in Section IV, (A), (1), (e) – Confidentiality (see below). I will not release client information to the press or use information that can be traced to a specific SBDC client in any marketing materials, unless the client has signed a Release of Information Statement. I understand that penalties for violation of any of these polices may include, but not be limited to, reprimand, suspension of employment and/or termination of employment.

Confidentiality: All information provided by a client in the course of counseling is strictly confidential.
i. Confidentiality Agreement Only staff who have completed and signed a Conflict of Interest Agreement may have access to client information. Client information may be given only to staff who have completed and signed this form. This includes staff at the Lead Center and the Small Business Administration.

ii. Mailing Lists This means that any mailings to SBDC clients in partnership with outside organizations must be done by the center. It is strictly forbidden to do mailings for the purpose of marketing or promoting private enterprises or to give out or sell mailing lists of SBDC clients.

iii. Court Orders When a center or its staff is approached, on a legal basis, to provide to information about a client and/or a counseling relationship, centers should refuse to divulge such information citing the confidentiality agreement with the client. If the client provides written permission to release such information, the center/staff may do so. However, if written permission is not provided, the center/staff should continue to refuse to provide such information until an order is received from the court. At that time, the center/staff must notify the State Director in writing and follow the court order to provide the requested information. The center/staff should respectfully note for the official court record that providing the information is a violation of the confidentiality agreement as the client has not provided written permission for disclosure of the information and that the information is only being provided to comply with the order of the court.

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