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A small idea grows into success business venture

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Wolfram Kasemir’s success story illustrates how a small idea can grow into a successful, business venture. Wolfram is a co-owner of AA Affordable Storage, providing storage units in the cities of Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, and Erie.

Wolfram came to the NEECCO Small Business Development Center in early April, seeking some assistance towards developing a business plan so that he could obtain additional capital to grow and improve his existing business. He was looking for some additional support and more about how to structure a loan and possibly apply for an SBA loan. Wolfram had his direction and arrived with company goals, objectives, and a general idea of what he wanted. Wishing to renegotiate his existing loan, from a foreclosure business that he and a partner purchased, Wolfram approached his bank in early March. The bank requested that he provide them with a business plan.

The NEECCO Small Business Development Center began the process, with Wolfram, of writing the business plan components. The most important process was to provide Wolfram the objective overview and to give him the right tools to help him make important decisions and to prioritize his direction so that his business plan could be used as an effective road map for his existing business and future operations, given his changing needs regarding the request for restructuring of the existing loan, the NEECCO counselor and Wolfram focused on the components of the business plan and his financial charts, cash flow and projections of what his business will do as it grows, in order to show the potential and to qualify for the refinance and obtaining additional capital.

After several one-on-one sessions and Wolfram’s tremendous dedication and focus to the task at hand, as well as the required homework, he ultimately completed his business plan in early May. The NEECCO Small Business Development Center helped him refine his goals and make them measurable; in addition, he was supported in aligning his operations with his intended outcomes and defining his competitive edge within the self storage industry.

Recently, Wolfram received $269,000 as a refinance to his existing loan, based on the business plan proposal and the ongoing support of the NEECCO Small Business Development Center.

Innovative features created a competitive edge for AA Affordable Storage and enable his business to operate without the need of a full time manager, onsite.

These innovations include a high tech system of securities that Wolfram’s son, who is an electrical engineer, developed. It has one of the most sophisticated, secure systems that one can find in a self-storage facility. The system can observe the storage facility from anywhere in the world and open the gates remotely from any location worldwide. A live, camera system installed with full- spectrum coverage of the entire storage facility includes surveillance over the internet. Finally, he will be implementing a 10-unit, office- condominium, rental facility, where clients can access their own storage units containing their inventory. This is an ideal situation for the customer who needs additional storage space for personal or business use.

Wolfram’s successful, business venture is built upon his meticulous forethought given to every aspect of planning, illustrated by his business plan and sheer dedication to the enormous process that creating a successful, business venture entails. Hats off to Wolfram! May he be an inspiration to all of us who wish to make our dreams come true.

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