Food truck opens its window for business in Grand Junction

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As a 14 year old boy, Jonathan Rashleigh had his first experience with hunting. One that would prove to shape his future although he was yet to understand how. His father had made it clear that whatever he shot, he would also be eating. So, during his first hunting excursion with a friend and friends father, he got a duck and proudly took it home for dinner. Unbeknownst to him, the manner of preperation for such game was integral to the taste of the meal and quickly learned that duck doesn’t taste very good. A gourmet cook himself, his friends father offered to help Jonathan learn to prepare the meat into delicious cuisine. Thus, his love for hunting and gourmet food was born.

In college, he moved to Fort Collins to attend CSU, majoring in Political Science and immediately switched to Hospitality Management with a Political Science minor. After graduation he attended Les Roches Hospitality Management School in Switzerland. All of this was done to move him closer to obtaining his dream of owning a restaurant of his own. After managing many restaurants, Jonathan was able to find a restaurant site in the small community of Wellington, CO that had been vacant for quite some time and decided that would be the home of his first restaurant. In July 2006, Beauregard’s Grill & Tavern opened its doors and became a fixture in the community until the time he was approached and subsequently sold it in 2011.

After opening his own restaurant consulting business and a series of extremely successful consulting jobs, Jonathan decided to move back to Grand Junction to be closer to family. Having spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago for work, Jonathan enjoyed the gourmet cuisine that was readily available in the city and decided to start his own gourmet mobile catering unit in the Grand Junction area.

In July 2012, Craving opened its “window” for business and has found a growing number of loyal customers since. Craving Mobile Catering Unit can be found every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening at the Palisade Distillery where he always has a steady stream of customers. He credits his success in part to the resources that the SBDC and staff coaches have provided him along the way.

“The unconditional support, guidance, mentorship, and coaches have been instrumental to my success”.
Jonathan Rashleigh

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