Java Raiz credits SBDC for setting the foundation of company

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Need a quick boost of healthy energy? Java Raiz can save your day. Made with organic flame raisins grown in California and 100 percent Kona coffee from Hawaii, Java Raiz is a healthy treat you can take anywhere. The ingredients are simple, but extremely good for you. Organic flame raisins are made from red grapes, which include more antioxidants than a typical (Thompson) raisin. Kona coffee beans are grown in volcanic soil, which provides many more minerals and nutrients than other coffees. The newest Java Raiz product includes natural unsweetened cocoa with the coffee for a mocha flavor.

“I never liked raisins,” admits Linda Griego, “but I knew I should be eating them for my health.” Her creation of coffee-infused raisins was originally an accident. “But it made the raisins taste so much better!”

Linda’s business, Earth2Man, was created with the hope to promote environmental education for children throughout the world. Java Raiz, which she started selling in May of 2011, is a subset of that goal. A percent of profits goes to environmental programs that educate youth and provide hands-on opportunities that teach children how to protect our planet. Her beliefs are echoed on all Java Raiz packaging: Earth2Man = Conserve.

Linda was a field service engineer before starting Earth2Man, and knew nothing about starting a business or the process of getting a food product to market.

“The classes and people at the Larimer County Small Business Development Center were, without a doubt, the foundation for my business. They were so committed to my needs and questions—without them, I’d still be doing research. They even helped me push my old truck to get it started one day!"
Linda Griego

“The SBDC provided knowledge, resources and business contacts.” One contact Linda made through the SBDC was especially helpful: Amy and Gregg Lasley, owners of the commercial kitchen where Linda now makes Java Raiz.

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