New Horizons

Denver company specializes in sales and management programs for Hispanic-owned businesses and consumer packaged goods

6530 Tapadero Ct. Castle Pines, CO 80108

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Established in 2011, New Horizons provides training and development programs for organizations across the nation. Specializing in sales and management programs for Hispanic-owned businesses and consumer packaged goods, the company’s programs are designed to help clients increase sales and profits and reduce expenses. New Horizons also provides customized consulting and training programs for the vending and OCS industries.

Owner Carlos Gonzalez has over 30 years of experience with several major corporations including Cadbury and International Multi Foods, and is an expert at helping companies take their products to the market place. His background and sophisticated understanding of all channels of distribution inspired him to start New Horizons and begin the entrepreneurial journey.

Before he started down the path alone, he reached out the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) network and developed a strong and lasting relationship with the Denver Metro SBDC and consultant Wendy King. The coordinated focus of helping New Horizons flourish was built; and, with the steady commitment from Carlos, the company has seen consistent growth over the past year.

The expertise of the SBDC’s marketing strategy expert, Wendy King, played a major role in helping New Horizons experience 100 percent growth in 2012 and increased his revenues by over $100,000.

The Denver Metro SBDC helped focus his marketing and sales efforts on a specific strategy that positioned New Horizons to obtain the exclusive national and global distribution rights of multiple products. With his expertise in the industry and Wendy’s powerful understanding of a focused strategy, New Horizons is well on their way to have a rewarding 2013.

“Wendy’s diligent coaching and no-nonsense advice helped me refocus my marketing efforts and apply my skills and experience in a way to best serve myself and my clients.”
Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos is a great example of a business owner who committed to the process and now has multiple major deals under his belt. The Denver Metro SBDC team is thrilled for Carlos and his new clients, and knows that Carlos will be an active client for years to come.

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