Pueblo PC & Mac

Providing Pueblow with servicing, repairing and selling of all PC and Mac products

4445 S Prairie Ave Pueblo, CO 81005

719-542-6238 |  Visit Website

Pueblo PC & Mac is in the business of servicing, repairing, and selling of PC and Mac products. They offer classes on how to use the products that they sell and repair. The sell and repair computers, monitors, printers, mobile devices, ipads, iphones, gaming consoles (such as XBOX, Playstation, Gameboys), and more!

"The SBDC has kept me going when I felt like giving up.”
Muriel Tincher
Muriel Tincher is the owner of Pueblo PC & Mac and came to the SBDC when the previous business owner was looking to retire in 2009. Muriel had been an employee of the store and decided that instead of watching the current owner close the store, she wanted to research the feasibility of purchasing the business and keeping the doors open for their Pueblo community customers. Muriel attended the Colorado SBDC Leading Edge Program where she was provided entrepreneur training and assistance in preparing a business plan. In turn, Muriel was successful in completing a plan to purchase the business and obtain a small business loan to assist. On August 1, 2009, Muriel reopened the computer services and repair shop as Pueblo PC & Mac Inc. and continues to offer personalized services while always striving to improve and learn more to help their customers.

Although the economy and business have been challenging during the years, Pueblo PC & Mac have continued to sustain and grow. Muriel continues to attend business workshops and events sponsored by the SBDC on business topics such as marketing, health care, finances and customer service to continue to grow as a business owner running a business versus just working for a business. “The SBDC has kept me going when I felt like giving up,” shares Muriel, “the QuickBooks class showed me some areas where I needed to improve and the seminars continue to provide information that I can use to improve myself and my business.”
Muriel will be celebrating Pueblo PC & Mac’s 5th Anniversary in August this year! Their goal is to continue to provide their customers with quality services and expand services offered as technology and needs change. Dedication and hard work have both been an asset of Muriel’s and her Pueblo PC & Mac team and the Southern CO SBDC continues to enjoy working with such a business asset in the Pueblo community!

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