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Colorado Springs teacher starts business to influence lives

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Not many people know that Colorado Springs high school math teacher Todd Matia once struggled with learning math. But through a lot of grace and patience from two of his former math teachers, Todd picked up many of the concepts needed to move on and realized he wanted to influence lives too.

With a degree in Mathematics and an emphasis in secondary education, Todd became teacher at Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs. While helping train other teachers in the summer he made up a story about a ‘stinky kid’ living in a house, and how others in the house moved away from him. He used this story to explain algebraic movement and the conceptual context of algebra in a different format. It worked almost instantly! Todd went on to create and submit his own curriculum to his school district.

Todd learned of the SBDC Network and realized he had a business idea of his own.

“There are so many questions when starting a business. There is so much groundwork, and so many things to learn. It seems impossible at first. The Colorado Springs SBDC counselors helped clarify my vision, provided resources for a business plan, and hooked me up with people who would do great work at reasonable prices.”
Todd Matia

In March of 2011, Todd created Stinky Kid Math™ (a DBA of Matia LLC): an online math learning program consisting of tutorials that include animations, interviews with prolific athletes and various professionals, and visual math concepts that bring learning to a new level.

When asked what impressed Todd the most about the Colorado Springs SBDC, Todd stated “Every counselor I saw said ‘that’s a great idea—you’re going to be successful’. Even when I doubted myself, the counselors helped me focus on my vision for my business. They gave me hope. Someone once told me that you should always surround yourself with people that fill in your weaknesses—the SBDC provided people that could do that.”

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